Mike Walther Who we are?

We are a Johnstown-based criminal defense law firm providing services to clients throughout Western Pennsylvania. We also maintain an office in Southeast Louisiana, providing services to clients in the greater New Orleans area. Services for military clients are available worldwide.

Mike Walther


What We Do?

Our primary focus is criminal defense, military criminal and administrative law, and internal corporate investigations. We provide a defense-in-depth to individuals suspected or accused of criminal offenses. 

Mike WaltherDefense-in-Depth?

Our adversarial system of justice relies heavily on advocacy by each party with a relatively passive judge acting as an umpire.  It is essentially a battle between lawyers.  The battle doesn’t begin in the courtroom.  It ends there – often when it shouldn’t have.  A lawyer has the duty to provide a defense-in-depth – providing zealous and faithful representation at every stage of the process – beginning with the investigation, through negotiations and plea bargaining, and, when necessary, litigation.


Why it matters?

Being charged with a crime is one of the most difficult things to face in life. The consequences of a conviction, even a misdemeanor, can be much more serious than incarceration, a fine, or other court imposed sanctions. A felony conviction can mean the loss of important constitutional rights, such as the right to vote and own firearms. However, even a misdemeanor conviction can have long term negative effects – preventing you from obtaining quality employment or engaging in certain businesses.  Attorney Mike Walther will personally handle your case, no matter how big or small it may be. As a skilled and aggressive criminal defense lawyer, he will ensure your case receives the individual attention it deserves. If you have been questioned regarding a criminal matter or arrested, you should contact our offices immediately.

Why you should contact us?

An experienced criminal defense attorney is an important ally when you are a suspect or have been charged with a crime. Don't settle for anything less than a lawyer who will put your interests first and defend your rights tirelessly. Walther Law P.C. provides large firm results with the personal service of a small law firm. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.



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